Four Pole Rectangle Hip Roof Structure


SIx Pole Rectangle Hip Roof Structure

Hip Roof Shade

Hip Roof Shade Structure - for complete cover

Need a roof over your playground? Sometimes you need more than a shade sail to cover an area. Shade Systems Hip Shades provide continuous shade, generous headroom, advanced durability and stylish function all in one. Perfect for public areas such as playgrounds, parks, and council properties. We designed these structures to discourage climbing and vandalism.

Shading large areas with style and durability

Our range includes eighteen mesh colours. Hip Roof Shade Structures are designed and manufactured entirely in New Zealand.

We handle the whole process, from design, through to dealing with legal requirements, planning, and installation. Shade Systems’ excellent customer service covers every stage of your project. Our aim is to care for you and the next generation. Shade Systems commits to providing durable great looking products, which offer protection against sun-related skin damage for years. Take us up on the option of care and maintenance of your shade sail after it has been installed too.

Shade Systems understand that time can be a concern in projects like these, especially at schools, playgrounds and in public areas. So our highly trained team installs your shade structure from the ground up in two days, minimising risk for you and members of the public.

Rain or shine, we’ve got you covered! Do you need shade? Contact Shade Systems today to discuss your requirements!

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