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PVC Tensile Membrane Covered Walkway

Covered Walkways

Keeping you covered, from your car to the door

A business cannot exist without customers. That may seem painfully obvious, but without them, you’re sunk. So what happens on that rainy day when the only available car park to your store is at the far end of the lot, and your customer is staring across the expanse of puddles and pouring rain? Do they risk the run, or head down the road to your competition with the covered walkways or car park?

Don’t let this happen to you! Covered walkways are a great way to control pedestrian flow paths without blocking views and protecting your customers.

Protecting you from the elements with covered walkways

Our custom-designed, modular walkway cover systems can complement and enhance existing architecture, or create a new look with a unique aesthetic impact. You decide what you need and how you want it to look. Then we will work within the parameters of the construction elements. Single cantilever, double cantilever or poles either side? Of course. Toughened glass, fabric or profile metal roofing? Not a problem. Need bus stops, pedestrian links, seating areas, taxi bays or doorway entrance awnings integrated into your design? We can help!

As always, our excellent service covers every stage from design, through to dealing with legal requirements, planning, site visits, and installation. Also, because we care the most, for you and your customers, we are committed to providing products that will offer protection from the weather and look great for years. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the option of care and maintenance of your Shade Systems canopies whenever you require. Whether you need a covered walkway or a sidewalk cover, we have you covered!

Only the best is an option for your customers – and ours, and that’s what we offer you. Contact Shade Systems now to find out more about these premium products!

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