Te Kura o Waikare

Shade Systems simple ‘Modular’ SolaGola® Canopy.
FABRIC TYPE Alsynite Topglass GC Ultrasafe

With modular prefab classrooms becoming more common in New Zealand Schools now, Shade Systems realised an opportunity and created a simple canopy design that could easily be included in these designs. This canopy is our ‘Modular’ SolaGola® Canopy.

These are robust structures with mono-pitched translucent trafficable roofing, hot-dippped galvanised framework (that can be painted to suit), stormwater catchment and they can easily integrate electrical systems such as lighting. The simplicity of the Modular SolaGola® canopy allows the addition of many ‘bays’ to cover the amount of space required.

Shade Systems have installed many Modular SolaGola® canopies, Te Kura o Waikare is just one of the many schools where this structure can be found.

The contract for the Modular SolaGola® install at Te Kura o Waikare came through A-line Construction. The canopy is attached to an ‘A-Space’ prefab classroom, covering the doorway over a deck space.

Overall, a really smart structure that can be utilised into nearly any design requirement.

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