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PE programs shut down no more.
COMPLETED March 2013
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COLA Canopies - Te Atatu Intermediate

Like many schools in Auckland, Te Atatu Intermediate had a regularly occurring problem – rainy weather could effectively shut down the school’s PE program and leave students and staff alike stuck in the classroom during break times. By the time the principal, Ms Noelle Fletcher and her caretaker approached the team at Shade Systems for a solution to this problem, they had seen a lot of canopies. “I’ve seen them all, I’ve seen lots,” Ms Fletcher said – but until she saw products by Shade Systems, none of the options seemed viable, being either too flimsy and unsafe or just not attractive enough.

It was a member of the Board of Trustees, Mr Mike Hirst, who recommended the school consider a shade solution by Shade Systems. Having worked closely with our team on the COLA canopy at Matipo Primary School, Mr Hirst had seen first-hand why many schools have elected to run with our company on a project like this.

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Visits to site commenced, and the school was provided with a full set of 3D concept drawings which not only laid out how the canopy would look but also how the shade it offered would fall throughout the day at various times of the year. Impressed with the attractiveness of the product and also the number of options that it would open up for the school curriculum, the project was quickly approved and signed off.

“This is the best I’ve ever seen”

Installation of the project was completed in a record seven working days before the student returned from term break, and it was an immediate success with the school community. “People come out and go ‘oh wow!’ It’s really added something to the school campus,” Ms Fletcher said. “This is the best [canopy] that I’ve ever seen. They come highly recommended.”

With a very happy PE teacher, and an Arts and Drama department who now have almost exclusive use of the hall, the school couldn’t be happier with their decision. So happy, in fact, that discussions about the possibility of covering a second court area have begun – and both the Shade Systems and school teams are looking forward to seeing where this might lead.

“I cannot recommend Shade Systems highly enough. They are lovely to work with, know their product, they won both the tenders so they are very competitive and have provided us with exactly what we needed.”

Noelle Fletcher, Principal – Te Atatu Intermediate

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