Tarawera High School

An iron roofed COLA Canopy to match the school’s Whare.
COMPLETED January 2021

The Principal of Tarawera High School enquired about a COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) after seeing a Shade Systems canopy at another school. The school wanted a canopy to cover a courtyard area in front of their ‘whare’, this would give them more covered space. The school had some funds available for the project but decided to apply for a grant and were successful.

Originally we draw up a plan for a PVC Tensile Membrane COLA Canopy. During a BOT (Board of Trustees) meeting, one of the members pointed out that the canopy wouldn’t suit the surrounding buildings. Our design team reconsidered the drawings and changed the design. A steel roofed ‘Ironman’ COLA was offered, with straight lines, pitched roof and architectural flare to match the school buildings.

The Ironman COLA Canopy is not a common structure at New Zealand schools but like the PVC roofed structures, they can be tailored to suit you requirements.

For Tarawera High School, this structure integrates perfectly with their whare; high-gable iron roof with clear-light panels to allow maximum light and matching paintwork to suit. The addition of a lighting and sound system allow this canopy to be used for school functions and events.

We can all agree that the Ironman COLA can have architectural flare too!

PVC roofed COLA Canopy not going to suit? We also offer the tin roofed ‘Ironman’ COLA.

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