St Mark’s Catholic School

A cost-effective gym solution, which “was the obvious choice, and it actually has probably given us more choices’.
COMPLETED October 2018

St Mark’s School spent years saving for a school hall but could never reach the mark to make it happen. We too often hear this story from our clients. Those that make the switch to a COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area), never look back or regret the decision. These flexible learning areas are perfectly suited for the education space. School Principal Catherine Rivers tells us: ‘the COLA “Was the obvious choice, and it actually has probably given us more choices’.

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel for the School! They found the COLA solution and couldn’t have one installed quick enough! The project went through a quick closed tender process, and Shade Systems were selected to install the structure. During the design phase, Catherine put forward the idea of having a stage to the side of the court with a ‘canopy wing’ attached to the main structure, covering the stage area. We believe in bespoke designs, and we were happy to add the stage and extra canopy to the COLA concept. It is a perfect addition, along with the lights and speaker systems.

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Installation of the COLA came with a challenge: we had to schedule it into the October school holiday break, which is only two weeks. This came as no surprise, as most schools prefer big projects like this completed when the students aren’t around. Once again the team were equipped and rose to the challenge. The COLA was installed and ready for use immediately for the next term starting.

“As you can see it’s (the COLA) going to be fully utilised in the summer and the winter.”

Catherine Rivers, Principal – St Mark’s Catholic School

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