Rowandale School

A COLA Canopy with an extra ‘wing’ to cover a stage area.
COMPLETED November 2020
FABRIC AREA Total 644m2
FABRIC TYPE Hiraoka 212T
FINISHING HD Glav with Enamel Finish

Rowandale School has been a long-standing client of Shade Systems; having had many shade sails installed at their school by our team over the years and regularly using our shade sails maintenance service. The school have always wanted a COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) Canopy and first enquired about our structures in 2012.

The SIP (School Investment Package) Funding granted by the government in 2019, allowed Rowandale School to pursue their goal of having a COLA Canopy at their school. Principal Karl knew the benefits it would bring to the school and community.

Shade Systems credibility with the Rowandale School and many other school’s in the area allowed us to take on the canopy project.

The design of the COLA is different to a lot of canopies we install. Rowandale School wanted and extra ‘wing’ attached to the main court canopy, this covers a stage area where performances and assemblies are held. The main canopy is almost square meaning the structure required large leg columns for extra support.

Shade Systems took care of the entire project including the new concrete stage platform. With the addition of lights and post padding for student protection, this COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) looks really smart with it’s painted framework.

As with many New Zealand schools, these canopy projects can take years to eventuate but are worth the investment when they do come to fruition!

Bespoke COLA canopy solutions to suit your needs. Shade Systems can help.

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