Raroa Normal Intermediate School

A covered court space that’s become a hive of activity.
COMPLETED August 2019
LOCATION Wellington

This was a project that took time to come to reality, but Raroa Normal Intermediate School were determined to make it happen no matter what. The executive team first were introduced to COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) structures during a trip to Australia for a school function. They noted how the COLA was an integral part of the school; a place of learning and safe play, and also what it did for the culture of a school and the joy it brought for all.

Upon return they researched their options and found Shade Systems! The initial consultations were about getting the placement of the structure right. Wellington is a windy/rainy place and the school wanted the COLA to be central and accessible. The final decision was to install the canopy on the central court area, which too would make a real statement for the school as the community entered.

After years of fundraising and really refining the perfect COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) solution for them, their dream came true.

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As the location of the COLA Canopy is at the centre of Raroa Normal Intermediate School, surrounded by classrooms, it meant accessing the site for installation was tricky. The space also had a lot of underground services to work around. As always, our team were up for the challenge and the canopy installation went well, even with the added inclement weather and wind!

With the addition of lights and a PA systems, the final outcome is amazing. The covered court area is a well used space, thriving with activity!

“Now from 7.30 in the morning to 8 o’clock at night in the summer months, this place is packed.”

Matt Tilley, Associate Principal – Raroa Normal Intermediate School

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