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COMPLETED April 2015
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Shade Systems were first approached by Pukekohe Netball Centre about the possibility of covering two of their netball courts in late 2012. Quotes were submitted and discussions continued. Meanwhile, the centre went about raising funds to help pay for the new canopy. 3D drawings of various canopy options were provided free of charge by Shade Systems. This was in order to help the administrators and decision-makers at the netball club see what the completed canopy would look like.

By September 2014, the centre had chosen a structure they liked. They signed on the dotted line and the biggest canopy constructed by Shade Systems to date was officially underway.
The club had two courts immediately adjacent to the clubrooms to be covered for games during wet weather and also training nights during the season. The need for cover was obvious, given inclement weather which the region gets during the netball season (largely over the winter months).

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“It looks great, we are loving it!”

The main challenge faced during fabrication was the sheer size of the canopy. With a finished size of 37m x 34m, the cover was simply too large to be fully laid out on the loft floor of the workshop. Welds had to be done in short runs. Then the cover had to be reefed up before the next run could be started. To enable the workshop to continue to produce other orders, work on the Pukekohe canopy was largely completed at night. Teams worked turns over the four days it took to fabricate the cover. The final welding together of the two halves of the canopy was done offsite at a local sports facility to allow the cover to be fully laid out. Extrusion was then threaded around the edge and the cover was rolled up. This feat took six men to achieve!

The netball club is rapt with the new canopy.  It has proved hugely useful. Club administrator, Maree Bernasconi remarked “I think it’s fantastic. It offers so many more opportunities for our centre. It looks great, we are loving it.’’ Executive member Kat West shared in the achievement for the Netball Centre. “The new roof will be awesome for training at both rep and club levels, and we think Shade Systems who built the structure have done an amazing job”, she said. Plans are already being discussed about the possibility of extending the cover even further as more funding becomes available. Shade Systems look forward to continuing to work with the centre on this awesome project!

“I think it’s fantastic, it offers so many more opportunities for our centre. It looks great, we are loving it.’’

Kat West, Executive Member – Pukekohe Netball Centre

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