New Shoots Children’s Centre

Using the surroundings for canopy inspiration.
COMPLETED January 2020
FINISHING HD Galv with Enamel Finish

Once again the Shade Systems in house design team at play! We were approached by an architect who had designed a funky verandah canopy for New Shoots Children’s Centre in Tauranga. They needed an estimate to include in the overall development cost to ensure it was in the client budget. However the design they had proposed was not workable. With polycarbonate rolling over timber rafters, the dips, rises and troughs were too significant for a polycarbonate roof.

With a tight budget, we took inspiration from the Mt Maunganui beach surroundings and suggested a change to using rolled steel, and a white PVC tensile membrane roof to allow the wave effect!

As with any project that is out of ordinary, there were multiple challenges. However it brings home the fact that Shade Systems has the skill and resource in house to cater for the more complex projects. Our team worked with the architects to explain clearly why their proposed design was not going to work in the real world, and then selling the concept to the client, who wanted the polycarbonate material to allow good light transmission.

Then it was the bringing to life of the structure, both from a steel fabrication to a PVC membrane drawing/shaping and welding perspective. Our most experienced operations team was allocated to the project, as we had both little time to get the project in place plus the challenge of installing something completely unique. The project was completed in a tight time span from order to completion plus the challenge of bringing a design on paper to life!

Our in house design team can bring your creations to life! 

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