Manurewa Intermediate School

A new approach to funding COLA projects.
FABRIC TYPE Hiraoka 212T White & SAC Alternating
FINISHING HD Galv with Enamel Finish

The problem

Manurewa Intermediate School already had a large multi-sport astro-turf area. The teachers found that their students didn’t want to play on the turf during hot weather as the surface became too hot. So they decided to research solutions for this issue and found the COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) concept.

From the Principal

On the Grand Opening Day of the GOAT (Greatest Of All Turfs), Principal, Iain Taylor said, “This project represents some really positive collaborations between our school and the business community – involving Equico and Shade Systems. These companies have been fantastic to work with. They were both very efficient, very professional, and totally responsive to our requests and, at times, our demands! Their obliging style has made this project so calm and seamless.

From the finance perspective, Equico’s support has enabled us to do something pretty magical. AND the way Roimaye and Ross assisted us from the start with the genesis of our ideas and how we could fund it, the whole process as things changed has been incredible.  Equico’s creative solutions and support have been outstanding.

So firstly a massive thanks to Roimaye and Ross for their work alongside us, and can I also say how much we have appreciated your genuine interest and enthusiasm for the project as well. Wicked guys. So Chris, CEO of Equico, you have some great people on your team there…  And thank you to your company as a whole! Please join with me in acknowledging these three very important people enabling us to have what we now have!

I know Mr Holt, who has been our guy on the ground so to speak, has also really valued the interaction and positiveness of Shade Systems and their team during the construction stage.  They have been so timely with their actions and completed the job so effectively. It has surpassed all we expected! We appreciate the quality of the job, the way you dealt with the snags, and the genuine desire to do the best by us throughout the process. It has been so vital to the success of the project. We are very proud of our cover, and I hope you guys are as proud of your workmanship and attention to detail too. So a massive thank you to Tyron Barker who kicked it all off and also to Geoff, the Boss on the spot during building. What a massive task you had and completed so well!”

“It has surpassed all we expected!”

Iain Taylor, Principal – Manurewa Intermediate School

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