Lynn Reserve

Play in the shade.
COMPLETED August 2017
FABRIC TYPE Monotec 370 – Candy Red

The first shade sails in one of our public playgrounds in Kaipātiki

“WooHoo! Today we are having the long-awaited shade sail installed at Lynn, Reserve, Bayview! This is the first shade sail in one of our public playgrounds in Kaipātiki.” – John Gillon, a local Auckland Council board member when Shade Systems commenced construction onsite commented on Neighbourly.

Auckland locals voiced several concerns over the lack of shade protection over public playground areas. In January 2016 an Auckland mum’s petition for more shade at playgrounds struck a chord with parents. Ultimately, the petition achieved over 1000 signatures in just over a day!

A 2017 news article stated that only 29 of Auckland’s 940 council playgrounds have shade sails for protection. Lynn Reserve was one of these sites without shade.

As a result of this article, a park and playground consultant who assists the Auckland Council with the design of new playgrounds and ensuring they are adequately shaded sought a solution. Thus they approached Shade Systems for the project at Lynn Reserve. Our team assessed the initial concept of triangle-shaped shade sails. We immediately identified a failing in the quality of shade fall and the longevity of the design. Then we submitted our design recommendation with improvements. Shade Systems detailed the correct size, shape, height and also positioning of sunshades displaying shade fall at different times of the day. Consequently, the local Council board approved our recommendation, and the project was put into action.

Shade Systems specialise in providing innovative solutions to Councils for maximising shade in public spaces. For a unique design suited to your application, get in touch with our team!

Shade Systems can provide shade solutions for your council project. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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