Auckland Council

Shading Auckland Council Community Playgrounds through the installation of shade sails.
COMPLETED December 2020
FABRIC TYPE Extrablock 330

Thanks to the locals voice, more and more Auckland Council Community Playgrounds are becoming shaded through the installation of shade sails. The locals had often advised their local community boards about the risk of their children playing on the playgrounds through the extremes of summer. The risks being melanoma or skin cancer, and playground equipment becoming too hot to play on. With shade being so common in Australia it seemed a shame NZ wasn’t so active in providing shaded spaces given our UV levels are much higher.

In particular, the North Shore local boards listened to the community feedback and decided to take action. A budget was created for shade and each year further playgrounds are shaded. They have been very active in creating shaded spaces.

Providing shade for future generations

Shade Systems have been involved in most of the shade sail installations at Auckland Playgrounds. As each playground is unique in size, design, shape and height, our team designs shade solutions tailored specifically for each playground. This also includes materials used, such as, timber or steel poles, number of shade sails or structures, colour of the fabric.

Since 2017, more than 20 Auckland community parks and playgrounds have had Shade Systems shade sails installed. We hope this continues and we hope that other New Zealand councils will take the same initiative.

Shade is so important for NZ tamariki. Our shade solutions can help prevent melanoma – Contact our friendly team today!

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