I’d like to take a moment to talk about a concept that we call ‘generational equity’.

Don’t worry – this won’t take long and when you’re done reading, you’ll have a much clearer understanding of this important principle.

The idea is that when you purchase a COLA Canopy, thanks to the strength and durability of the product, you are investing not only in the current generation of children attending the school, but also in those who will follow after over the next fifty or more years.

To show you how this breaks down, we’ve created a scenario to clarify things a bit;

Initial outlay = approximately $200,000.

For this example, let’s keep the timeframe in ‘our’ lifetime for reality’s sake and say 25 years. These structures actually have a 50 year design life – the same as your other school buildings.


$200,000 / 25 years = $8,000 per annum.

We then take that $8,000/annum amount and divide it by the number of students currently enrolled in your school.

$8,000 / approx 180 students = $40.00 per annum per student.

There are approximately 200 school days in a year, so:

$40.00 per student per year / 200 school days = $0.20 per day per student.

This shows that if you were to invest in a canopy that would benefit those 200 students and those who will attend your school in coming years, you would only be required to pay $0.20 per student per day for twenty five years! If we were to take the design life of this structure which is fifty years (which is what we guarantee it for), the cost per student per day would be only $0.10!

In fact, your cost per student is likely to be much lower, given that there will be many more students attending your school in coming years and receiving the benefits a canopy like this has to offer.

Compared to the cost of running a school in this day and age, a mere $0.20 per day per child seems like a rather small investment, wouldn’t you say?