Is your sail sagging or flapping? Are there small holes or is the fabric starting to fray? Perhaps your shade structure is over a frame which is causing wearing of the fabric? Or is it just old and needs some TLC?

Like any other building fixture or outdoor structure, shade sails become dirty over time, which detracts from their original architectural beauty. Dirt, mold, leaves, droppings, sap or insects can gather on or get caught in the mesh of the sails, reducing the expected lifespan of the sails and threads. Sails can also stretch over time, leaving your sails looking saggy and bellying – a highly unattractive look, to say the least.

Sagging or worn sails can also pose a safety hazard to students or community members playing under them – and it is vital that your shade structures are safe. Sails and shade structures which are not regularly maintained stand a much higher chance of failing and causing injury to anyone under them, as well as their surrounding environment (think of the mess stainless steel hardware flapping in high winds could cause, for example).

Because shade sails are mostly used in the summer months, it makes sense to have the sail taken down for cleaning and repair work over winter. That’s where Shade Systems can help! Our team offer a range of services and are keen to help restore your shade sails and structures to their original glory!

Our services include:

  • 24-hour support – we’re here to help whenever if something goes wrong
  • Mobile crew to come to you – no hassles or fuss! We do it all!
  • Onsite cleaning of larger canopies and framing (COLA’s etc)
  • Removal of sails and shade structures
  • Repair of damage, wearing or stretching
  • Thorough cleaning process to ensure your sails look as good as new
  • Storage of sails over winter
  • Reinstallation once the summer rolls around again
  • Ongoing maintenance contracts to make sure your sails always look amazing without you having to organise anything! Too easy!
  • We’re also happy to help fix up botched installation jobs or clean, repair and restore sails which aren’t ours. That’s because we’re passionate about shade sails in general – not just ours, and they all deserve a chance to look amazing!

Shade Systems can also supply a comprehensive range of stainless steel hardware, so if your fixings are rusting or seized, we’ll replace them. All our hardware is marine grade stainless steel, so it won’t rust – and we provide waterproof grease which helps prevent cross-threading and seizing for years to come!

Of course, if you’re inclined towards DIY and are attempting to clean your own sail, you should take care to avoid chemicals not approved by Shade Systems, as these can attack the UV stabilisers within the shade cloth and void your warranty. You should use a mild detergent and a soft scrubbing brush and remove your sail or shade product prior to cleaning to get the best results.

Remember…a little care goes a long way, and can make your investment last for years!