Schools and Education

Anyone attending an educational establishment, from pre-school through to university, should enjoy sun protection. Shade Systems commits itself to this idea. Working with hundreds of schools throughout New Zealand to offer sun shade solutions, providing protection for students from harmful UV rays. Our shade structures also provide additional learning spaces, and many schools use their covered spaces as outdoor classrooms.

School Shade Sails

Over the past few years, the popularity of shade sails as a practical shade solution for schools has grown. This is because of their versatility, stylish looks, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance when installed correctly. If you’re thinking about installing a shade sail at your school, then check out our useful guide here.

COLA Shade Structures

For primary and secondary schools one of our most popular types of shade systems is a COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) canopy. Our proprietary COLA PVC Tensile Membrane canopy systems support healthy outdoor activity. Students then have a clean, dry and shaded area where they can play, and lessons can take place. Protecting students from the sun, the fabric used in this type of cover provides 100% UV radiation block. This hugely reduces the chances of children receiving skin damage from overexposure to UV radiation, which can cause skin cancer in later life. Click here for more information on how a COLA canopy can benefit your school. Alternatively, contact our team of shade structure experts to find out how we can help you improve your school’s outdoor area today.

Shade Systems for Tertiary Education Campuses

We have a range of shade systems that are ideal for higher education institutions. Often these large campuses have walkways between building and communal spaces. Our PVC Tensile Membrane canopies, covered walkways, and car park shades are all very popular solutions for universities, polytechnics and community learning centers. Please contact us today to discuss which of our shade systems are best for your campus.