Clients of Shade Systems

Schools and Learning Institution Clients

Anyone who attends an educational establishment, from pre-school through to university, should be protected from the sun. Shade Systems are committed to this idea. Our clients include hundreds of schools throughout New Zealand that now offer sun shade solutions, providing protection for students from harmful UV rays. Our shade structures also provide additional learning spaces, and many schools use their covered spaces as outdoor classrooms.

Sports, Clubs and Recreation Clients

The Cancer Society of New Zealand provides minimum shade guidelines for sports grounds and facilities across the country. These guide us, and they take into account playing, spectator and refreshment areas too.

Working closely with our customers in this sector, we design and construct bespoke shade solutions to protect against all elements, whether it’s for a private club, public park or sporting centre.

Councils and Community Clients

Local councils and community groups have a duty-of-care to provide sun protection to those using their facilities. We have a huge amount of shade management experience in this area. For us, it’s not just about providing protection against the elements. It’s also about enhancing the look and safe use of community spaces.

Shade Systems help you create parks, public spaces and facilities that truly enrich your community. Providing practical and appealing hubs for people of all ages and abilities. We not only provide car shade structures but shade sails for all the public spaces councils require shading products for.

Legal requirements

As experts in compliance, we know that every building project must comply with the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and the Building Act 2004 (the Building Act). These laws instruct on the when resource consents and/or building consents are required and how. We work with you to have our sail shades comply with all of these requirements, while still meeting all your needs.

Architects and Commercial Clients

One of the many things that Shade Systems excel at is providing shading solutions to business problems. We also love a good challenge! Many of our commercial and architect-specified shade system projects are complex and require us to think around an issue. Coming up with designs to ensure our customers’ customers are kept dry or protected from the sun is what we do best.

For us, it’s all about creating a unique shading solution – regardless of whether you want a bold statement or something that blends in with an existing design. Our shade structures are a practical and unique solution giving shade and shelter, without sacrificing style and class.

Innovative by design

We have worked with many architects over the years and we have an understanding of their exacting requirements. We continue to invest in R&D so that we can create innovative shade solutions and provide new and unique options to our customers.

Our dedicated in-house designers work closely with architects providing concept and elevation drawings, along with 2 and 3D renders so that you can view all angles. We take into consideration prevailing winds, site access, ground conditions and sun paths to make sure your shade performs to its maximum ability. We also take care of building consents and any engineering requirements.