Every project we undertake is custom fabricated to exacting standards in our workshop by our experienced manufacturing team. We are passionate about producing shade and shelter solutions of the very highest quality, that will provide exceptional performance and stand the test of time.

The process starts with our designers, where plans, outlines and renderings are drawn and calculated by our in-house artists. Once all measurements have been calculated, the job file is handed over to the Operations Manager, who then informs the team of the new job and any features that require special care or expertise. The manufacturing team then set to work using the latest cutting, welding and sewing technology to enable a fast manufacturing process. Once the shade is completed, all hardware is carefully attached to ensure the installation phase of the project can proceed smoothly and quickly.

Thanks to the diligence of Shade System’s purchasing team, the quality of materials used in the manufacture of our shades and structures is second to none. A final quality control check is carried out by a dedicated QC manager before the project is ready for dispatch to site for installation. All specs are double checked, seams are tested, all loose threads are cut and the fabric is scanned to ensure there are no snags or pulls. Your satisfaction is our goal and only the best will do. We offer:

  • Industry best warranties on materials used
  • Monoplane anticlastic and 3-dimensional architectural fabric membranes
  • The largest range of architectural fabrics on the market
  • Bespoke manufacture – custom made to perfectly suit your requirements
  • Design recommendations offered to ensure an exact fit

Steel Fabrication of Structures

The design and project teams at Shade Systems carefully consider every component that forms part of a shade structure. They ensure all raw materials used are of the highest standard available. The quality and creativity of structures produced by the skilled steel fabricators are renowned throughout the industry.

Any product manufactured by Shade Systems comes with a guarantee that the workmanship on the product will last for a lifetime – and that the individual components will last as long as their individual warranties state.

Specific Warranties

Shade Fabrics


         10 Years                                                                      15 Years

Tensile Membrane Fabrics (PVC / PVDF)

 serge-ferrari-precontraint-502-logo                                          mehler-logo

       5 to 12 Years                                                                  5 to 15 Years                                                                                                         

             hiraoka                                                      hiraoka

Hiraoka 102T –  10 to 20 Years                                Hiraoka 212T – 10 to 20 Years                                                                                                                                                   



                  15 Years

SHADE SYSTEMS Steel Fabrication

 hot-dip-galv-pipe-1-copy                                painted-pipe-4-copy

Hot Dip Galvanised – 5 to 15 Years                                             Hot Dip Galvanised and Painted – 10 to 15 Years